"Rejuvenation," is a 36 x 36," oil on linen canvas.  One of my most favorite things to do is to walk along the shore of one of our many beautiful local islands just a short distance from our mainland.  So peaceful, quiet and definitely a time to rejuvenate... This scene is looking out from the island's woods and seeing the rocky ledges that are very common along with the rugosa roses in bloom this time of year.  A large, moss covered, majestic fir tree stands proudly along the shore....it is the best feeling! 
                                     *No longer available
"Maine Summer," is a 20 x 30," oil on linen canvas.  Such a special setting with the old Maine cottage, blue ocean, distant islands and the colorful, abundant lupine that give that special touch of beauty.  A couple of sailboats in the distance adds to the charm.     *No longer available