"Yellow Cottage," is a 12 x 12 oil on board.  An adorable yellow cottage against a deep blue ocean along with beautiful lupine.     *No longer available
"Coastal Retreat," is a 12 x 12," oil on board.  A gray cottage looking over the Stonington Harbor with a distant yellow lobster boat and sailboat enjoying the beautiful day.   *No longer available
"Sea Garden," is a 12 x12," oil on board.  A beautiful garden of flowers enhance the charm of this adorable cottage overlooking Stonington Harbor.
"Puppa's Shop,"  is a 12 x 12," oil on board. A favorite location for many local lobstermen to beach out their boats.
         *no longer available‚Äč
"Island Day," is a 12 x 12," oil on linen canvas.  A aqua blue sky over a sparkling ocean with a distant sailboat is the perfect view while exploring one of our beautiful islands.
         *No longer available‚Äč
"Island Day," on display to show the size of a 12 x 12," painting on a smaller wall.  The size of these paintings is perfect for a smaller wall to add that special touch of warmth and color to any room.